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Air Duct Cleaning

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Buildings are fascinating things. Just think about it – mankind's ingenuity has taken us out of caves and into comfortable, convenient manmade structures that offer protection and air-conditioned, continuously ventilated spaces. But how does this miracle happen? How does fresh air find its way into the innermost parts of buildings? More importantly, how does used air find its way out? This all happens thanks to elaborate, expansive ductwork, which runs throughout the entire building.

Why Are Professional Cleaning Services Required?

If you've made it this far and read the previous paragraph – the answer must be abundantly clear to you. The ductwork, the building's central nervous system, is unfortunately susceptible to damages. It can accumulate dust, dirt and debris, it can get blocked due to swept leaves and branches, and it can sustain damages from rodents or get blocked from rodents' corpses or feces.

When you think about this system's purpose and the things that can happen to it – it's a wonder you haven’t picked up the phone yet to call for expert cleaning services.

What should you Expect from our Experts?

As our experts arrive at your house they will first assess the situation – they will examine the vents, ducts and openings and try to identify weak spots and things that require their immediate attention.

Once that's done they will proceed to completely and thoroughly clean the system using professional equipment and industrial grade cleaning materials. Only when they are sure the system has been cleaned completely will they leave the premises.

What will be the Results?

Shortly after our experts provide you with comprehensive cleaning services will you sense that the air you breathe has become cleaner and fresher. The air conditioning system will also have a much easier time controlling the temperature within the building, and electricity bills will get lower thanks to the A/C unit's less taxing operation.

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